Soya Lecithin

Soya Lecithin
Food Industry

Baked Goods, Confections, Infant, Formulas, Cheese Products, Dietetic Products, Dairy Products, Instant Foods, Margarines & Shortening, Meat & Poultry, Processing & Coating, Chocolate Rheology, Industrial applications range from paints and coatings & plastics to cosmetics and magnetic tape media.

Industrial applications

Adhesives, Absorbents, Animal Feeds, Absorbents, Ceramic and Glass, Cosmetics and Soaps, Detergents, Dust Control, Fertilizers, Inks, Leather, Magnetic Tape, Masonry and Asphalt, Metal Processing, Paint and Coatings, Paper Pesticides, Petroleum / Oil, Polymers / Rubber, Textiles.

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Launching New Product

Soya Lecithin Granules
January 2014.

With a positive vision, focused approach ideas and team work, we have made an active presence in international market of our soya products.